About Us

Who are we?

Pakistan’s largest water engineering company on a mission to eradicate water shortage in the country and give the lesser privileged of the society a chance to live a better life.

What makes us different?


We are determined.

The difference lies in our determination and resolve to provide clean and safe water to the people deprived from it. Lack of clean and safe drinking water means malnutrition, health issues and leads to food insecurity and it’s a major part of Pak Oasis’ objective to overcome these issues. Water borne diseases account for a major percentage of mortality in infants, women and children. Animals are also affected


We are Innovative.

We have developed sustainable technologies by adopting the most modern and contemporary approach. The integration of renewable energy in our work practice is what sets up apart and has enabled us to come at par with global trends. Our engineers are working with utmost dedication which has won us recognition and acclaim as a Pakistan’s leading water engineering company.


We are socially responsible.

We are acompany that fulfills its corporate social responsibility to the core. Having installed numerous water filtration plants across Pakistan in schools, orphanages, public places under our corporate social responsibility wing has made our commitment to serve the community grow stronger with time.

Our goals

  • To make clean water accessible for people who are deprived from it
  • To eradicate shortage of water and give people a chance to live a better, healthier life
  • To employ the latest technology in the water engineering sector to keep up with the ever changing global trends
  • To become strong advocates of clean energy in Pakistan by in all our practices by utilizing sustainability in all our practices
  • To promote employment for locals by offering job opportunities at Pak Oasis’ plants
  • To fulfill our corporate social responsibility with utmost dedication

What we do

Utilizing the latest technology in the water engineering industry, Pak Oasis has been working diligently since the year 2004 to provide safe and clean drinking water to the people deprived from it. Working under grim conditions in the remote desert of Tharparkar, Pak Oasis has installed numerous water filtration plants to give maximum relief to the people living there. The people of Thar had been facing shortage of water since a very long time, Pak Oasis under the behest of Sindh Government has installed water filtration plants in different parts of Thar that provide people with safe and clean drinking water. These water filtration plants have brought about a positive change in the lives of the people. They not only have access to safe and clean drinking water but their fear of water borne diseases has ended, their health has improved, their livestock is flourishing which gives them more opportunities to earn better. The health of women and children has become better, women do not have to travel miles in search of water. Pak Oasis is committed to working towards the betterment of the less privileged people of the society and doing its share to alleviate poverty and elevate humanity.

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