Fisheries Development Board (FDB) was established in October 2007 by the then Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. FDB provides and maintains a platform for enhancing and promoting fisheries sector in Pakistan, where the participants; professional and intermediate discuss issues of common interest. Together they identify new solutions to enhance the efficiency of that sector, initiate development programs, promote regional and global integration and undertake activities in Pakistan and abroad for any or all of the purposes for which the FDB has been established. The small fishing harbors along the coastline in Sindh had been experiencing acute shortage of clean water since quite some time. Following the government's directive for the development of the fishing villages, Pak Oasis in collaboration with FDB has installed 10 water filtration plants along the coastline to provide clean water to the fisherman.Clean and safe water dispensed from these plants has improved the lives of the fishermen and the dwellers along the coastline.