The "Clean Water - Save a Child" is an initiative introduced by Governor Punjab to deliver clean & safe drinking water to the school children of Punjab. One aspect of the missing facilities is clean drinking water for these schools which the Governor of Punjab, Mohammad Sarwar is championing and implementing as he believes that "All have the right to clean drinking water".
Being a key partner in Governor Punjab's initiative to hydrate Punjab and as a corporate social responsibility project, Pak Oasis has installed numerous water filtration plants in Punjab which includes orphanages and at a girls school located at the Governor House compound. The Honorable Governor Punjab Chaudry Mohammed Sarwar has always expressed his appreciation and gratitude at the benevolent gestures of Pak Oasis and gives due credit to the expertise and proficiency Pak Oasis possesses in the field of water engineering.
Pak Oasis has also donated an Ultrafiltration plant at the shrine of Hazrat Daata Gunj Baksh. People come here to purify their souls, Pak Oasis provides them clean and safe water to purify their bodies.