KWSB (Karachi Water & Sewerage Board)


Karachi being a metropolis having a population of over 20 million people and growing with each passing day is facing perpetual shortage of clean drinking water. The shortage of water is more protuberant at the tail end existing water supply system. KW&SB is a trusted water and sewage utility of Pakistan responsible for the production, transmission, treatment and distribution of water to the citizens of Karachi. It is also responsible for pumping, treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial waste to ensure hygienic environment and collection of revenue for sustained economic viability.
Keeping in view the acute shortage of water in areas of Lyari and Keamari and the different islands in the area of Karachi harbor, More than 20 mega Reverse Osmosis plants installed by Pak Oasis are working on the coastal belt and are providing purified water to the communities. These Reverse Osmosis plants have a capacity of 2 million gallon per day to 1 million gallon per day.These plants were setup in different areas to meet the water requirement. They draw water either from underground or from the sea and then it isturned into clean drinking water.